International HLA and Immuogenetics Workshop (IHIW)

This is a global collaboration to use the infrastructure of the International HLA and Immuogenetics Workshop

IHIW COVID-19 Disease Susceptibility Study


The International HLA and Immunogenetics Workshop is a thriving global community that hs been researching the genes involved in the immune response since 1964.

The 18th IHIW has many components with actvie projects under the headings of “Antigenicity and Immunogenicity”, “Immunogenecity” and “Bioinformatics”. These projects involve collaborators from around the world to work on grand challenges in the field.

Project Proposal

Seiamak Bahram has proposed a new component of the IHIW for coordination of an international consortium to study viral escape of coronavirus from the adaptive immune system.

A project proposal has been prepared with milestones, sample targets and clinical groups.

Project database

We envision using the workshop database as a platform for data sharing. A series of hackathons are being coordinated by Martin Maiers including a Virtual Hackathon in April, 2020.