American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ASHI) HLA COVID-19 Committee

This is a collaboration organized by ASHI leadership to collect COVID-19 tested samples from clinical centers and to have HLA typing performed in by the HLA lab for inclusion in a global database.

HLA COVID-19 Disease Susceptibility Study

  • Annette Jackson
  • Martin Maiers
  • Zach Antovich
  • Willie Hildebrand
  • Paul Norman
  • TBD, Infectious Disease Physician

Hypothesis: Particular HLA class I and class II are associated with susceptibility to COVID-19 Infection

In order to test the hypothesis:

  • Phase 1: HLA Type 1,000 SARS-CoV-2 Positive patients across a broad spectrum of clinical presentation
  • Phase 2: HLA Type 10,000 samples (mix of positive and negatives)
  • Phase 3: HLA Type 100,000 samples (international study)

Phase 1 will be 500 single field typings and 500 two field typings. Phase 2 and Phase 3 will be ½ single field and one half two field typing. Vendor contribution will be to provide kits at discounted or free.

We are seeking a collaborator who is an infectious disease physician to help develop the clinical annotation.

Enroll people that get tested for COVID-19, desired mix is 50% Infected and 50% uninfected with 75/25 allowed for each participating center

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Hospitalized Y/N
  • Viral Load
  • Ethnicity
  • Time to resolution of infection

Umbrella IRB: Each participating HLA lab will implement umbrella IRB, complete HLA typing, and annotate data according to above bullet points.

William H. Hildebrand President-elect of ASHI Professor University of Oklahoma HSC George Lynn Cross Research Professor PHF Endowed Professor Director, HLA Typing Laboratory

Annette M. Jackson Associate Professor Surgery & Immunology Director, Clinical Transplantation Immunology Laboratory Duke University School of Medicine

Martin Maiers National Marrow Donor Program Vice President, Innovation Be The Match®

Zachary Antovich General Manager Transplant & Transfusion Diagnostics Thermo Fisher Scientific

Paul Norman Associate Professor Division of Personalized Medicine, and Department of Immunology University of Colorado